Peetigway Famii Program

This is an Early Years Program for Métis., Inuit and First Nations families that have a child, pregnancy to six years of age.
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What to Expect

We provide a cultural early years setting that features
Cree / Michif language and culture.

Opportunities include:

  • Self Care
  • Community Outings
  • Nobody’s Perfect/Traditional Parenting Sessions
  • Elder Visits and Teachings
  • Songs, Stories, Games
  • and other Early Years Activities

Pe Metawe Tuesdays At 2465 Ingram Rd.:

Come & Play 12-2pm

  • Lunch is included
  • Cultural Fun Activities
  • Crafts of all sorts
  • Time to socialize and have fun!
  • Transportation is available upon request to families in West Kelowna

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How to access services?

Referrals can be made by a parent or guardian, family doctor, community workers and agencies, school staff, and correctional facilities.

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