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The Central Okanagan Division of Family Practice (CODFP), Interior Health Authority (IHA) and Metis Community Services Society of BC (MCSS) have come together as partners to implement and support the development of the Central Okanagan Primary Care Network (COK PCN).
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What to Expect

Provide support to Metis/Indigenous adults in the Central Okanagan in accessing timely services by Interior Health.  Identify and remove barriers to treatment while addressing cultural and spiritual needs of the Metis/Indigenous patients/clients. 

Support largely happens within the patient/clients’ home, or the community &/or health care facilities in the Central Okanagan area. 

MCSS, as one of the partners will work toward the following objectives:

  • Provide culturally appropriate direct patient/client care that will improve the health and well-being of indigenous people residing in the Central Okanagan; and
  • Decrease the health status gap within the Indigenous populations in Central Okanagan.

Opportunities include

The Health and Wellness Coordinator may provide the following:

  • Transportation to &/or from a medical appointment.
  • Accompany, &/or lend support to patient/client in the clinic/hospital or other healthcare services.
  • Advocate for the best care possible.
  • Support patients/clients through triage admissions process at the hospital.
  • Support in managing communication and collaboration between patients and staff of health care programs, this includes promoting/supporting staff cultural competency and providing a voice for marginalized patients.
  • Increase the involvement of primary care for the chronically ill with Interior Health.
  • Assist/support Metis/Indigenous patients to better understand hospital services, establish better communication protocols & help/support patients in creating a personal health care plan that will help patient avoid future use of the Emergency dept.
  • Provide support and follow-up with discharge planning to ensure that supports are in place.
  • Assist/support patients in connecting to pharmacare, blue cross and other financial entities that are in place for low-income patients/clients.
  • Provide &/or support workshops/educational opportunities about health prevention of illness through a traditional lens.
  • Provide appropriate referrals and resources for patients/clients in their wellness plan.

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How to access services?

Referrals can be made by a parent or guardian, family doctor, community workers and agencies, school staff, and correctional facilities.

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