Métis Elders Circle

Cultural Wellness is expressed by a sense of belonging and pride that we feel when we are connected to our Metis families, communities, traditions, and the land.
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Elders gather to share knowledge and traditions, learn about Metis culture and each other, build community, and enrich the lives of our Elders and families. Elders hold a crucial role in our community as knowledge keepers, advisors, teachers and most significantly as a presence in the lives of our children and youth.

Elders are encouraged to participate in programs offered through Metis Community Services Society, such as Awasisak Achakos Aboriginal HeadStart, Peetigway Famii, Michif breakfast and Mattaway to share their knowledge and contribute to life long cultural learning.

What to Expect:

The Elders circle aims to provide opportunities for kinship, cultural activities, events, and teachings amongst us by bringing in speakers and facilitating workshops of interest to our elders such as;

  • Traditional Medicines
  • Teaching on the Land
  • Sharing and Learning about our Traditional Foods
  • Genealogy Project for Truth and Reconciliation Day
  • Gentle Jigging
  • Health and Safety Wellness Information Sessions

Opportunities include:

  • Kinship
  • Sharing of our Heritage
  • Experience and Skills
  • Cultural Teachings and Outings
  • Traditional Food and Medicine Knowledge
  • Fun and Laughter
  • Games
  • Music and Dancing
  • Michif Learning Circle
  • Seasonal and Holiday Celebrations
  • Michif bingo
  • Drumming and Card Nights
  • Cultural Excursions

The Metis Elders Circle meets every second Wednesday from 1:00 to 3:00 at Mamawapowin Early Years Centre at 1580 Bernard Avenue, Kelowna. The entrance is at the back of the building off Elm Street. We offer tea, coffee, and snacks and occasionally lunch. Our meetings are opened with a land acknowledgement and prayer. Smudging is offered outside for those who would like to participate. We strive to keep everyone informed of upcoming Elder and Metis Community events through our monthly newsletters that Elders can sign up for.

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