Michif Li Dizhanii (Breakfast)

Parents and caregiver accompany their children to this weekly group.
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We know that parents are the child’s first teachers. This program benefits the learning process for parents/caregivers just as much as the children, resulting in increased health care and ongoing education while building social supports within their Metis community.

This group is facilitated by our Aboriginal Infant Development Program staff and a Mamawapowin Hub support staff. In this group families gather to share a healthy breakfast, open-ended play with a cultural, language-based circle that includes drumming and spoon playing.

Opportunities Include:

  • Social Supports
  • Health Breakfast
  • Open-ended Play
  • Cultural teachings
  • Drumming
  • Spoon playing

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How to access services?

Referrals can be made by a parent or guardian, family doctor, community workers and agencies, school staff, and correctional facilities.

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