Maataway Drop-in Play (light snack)

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This program is supported by the Mamawapowin Hub support, ASCD, Peetigway and Ab Dads.

We often are blessed with an Elder who attends to offer guidance and a new perspective on Metis ways. In this program land-based learning is brought into the childcare space through provocations of nature and outdoor experiences. Michif songs and books are integrated into play so exposure to language is part of each group.

Our physical space encompasses many traditional Metis artifacts such as, the Metis Sash, Metis flag, a large bison head, many pieces of fur, snowshoes and beaded gloves and moccasins. A perfect program to learn through play.

Opportunities include:

  • Land based learning
  • Guidance from our Elders
  • Outdoor experiences
  • Michif songs and books
  • Learning through play

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