Who We Are As A People 





We, the Métis, are a people of the lands which gave rise to our history, tradition and culture. We call these lands the Métis Homelands. These Homelands stretch from the lakes and rivers of Ontario, across the wide prairies, traversing the mountains into British Columbia and into the Northwest Territories. They include the hills and valleys of Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan.


These are our lands.


They are Métis lands of our past, which nurture us today and which we value as the precious foundation of our future. As Métis who live in the Homelands, we hold it to be a fundamental truth that we are one of the Aboriginal peoples of the Americas. As Métis people we joined together long ago to form a new nation, a distinct nation, which Louis Riel called the "Métis Nation".


The Métis Nation continues today to be the embodiment of our past, our present, and our hopes and aspirations for the future.



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