Roots Practice    


The Roots Program was developed as a response to the fact that almost half of the children and youth in care of the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) are Aboriginal. According to Kelowna statistics, almost half of these children and youth are of Métis heritage.


It is a collaborative initiative involving MCFD, First Nations, and the Métis. The Métis Roots Program also works in conjunction with other services and programs within MCSBC in order to facilitate increased connections between Metis children and their families, community, and culture.


The Purpose of Roots is to ensure that each Aboriginal child and youth in care of MCFD has a plan to respect and preserve their Aboriginal identity and ties to his or her family, community, and heritage.


Roots is Committed to ensuring the best possible placement plans are explored for Métis children and youth in care, and will:


  •  Identify children for whom a return to family and community may be appropriate


  •  Where children can be returned to their family or community, assist MCFD workers, families, and  communities to develop and implement appropriate reunification plans


  • Where a move does not appear to be in the child's best interest, identify and implement strategies to strengthen the child's connection to their community and culture, as well as the community's involvement in planning for the child


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