Healing or Talking Circles  


Many Métis communities have a blending of spiritual tradition due to a variety of backgrounds. This spiritual diversity is celebrated as strength in the Métis community.

Two very potent tools for socializing and healing in our strengthening community are the Healing Circle and Talking Circles. Founded on the principles of dignity and respect for the sovereignty of others, Healing and Talking Circles provide important avenues for communication and self-awareness in the Métis community.

Both circles work on principles simple yet profound. Members gather seated in a circle. Often, a talking stick or eagle feather is passed from speaker to speaker; as long as the speaker holds the item, they are heard by the group uninterrupted. There is no dialogue. There is no criticism. There is no rebuttal. All who wish to be heard are heard in an atmosphere of confidentiality and respect.

Where the Healing Circle differs from the Talking Circle is in the content of what is said and the remarkable medicine that sharing wounds can be to members of a community who have endured the pain of racism; institutionalized physical, psychological and sexual abuse; the concomitant alcohol and drug problems; and battered self-esteem all too often prevalent amongst our people. To come to terms with one's own hurt and face it in the presence of a supportive, non-judgmental group of one's own community can have enormous curative properties. The Healing Circle is a very powerful tool for personal change in the Métis community.



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