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Call for service on the MCSSBC BOARD OF DIRECTORS


The Métis Community Services Society of British Columbia is a dynamic, not-for-profit, Aboriginal charitable organization based in Kelowna. We also have a satellite office in Vernon. MCSSBC is endorsed by the Métis Nation of British Columbia, the Métis Commission and the Métis Community Associations in seven centres in the Thompson and Okanagan Valleys. 

We are seeking individuals who are interested in serving on a visionary volunteer Board of Directors. The Board currently meets monthly in addition to the Annual General Meeting. 

Qualifications of Board of Directors include:

•Self-declared Métis heritage 

•Not currently involved in any Métis political organisation 

•Not related to current Board Members or staff at Métis Community Services Society of BC 

•Standing in your local community 

•Willingness to attend monthly Board meetings in person or via teleconference, video conference or Skype 

•A commitment to the health and well being of Métis children and families

Please send a letter stating how you meet our qualifications, along with your resume. Your information will be kept strictly confidential.


Contact Information:

Fax: 250-868-0359 

Email: board@mcsbc.org


Board of Directors 

Personal and Confidential 

Métis Community Services Society of BC

2949 Pandosy Street

Kelowna, BC V1Y 1W1


Board of Directors:

President Karley Scott Rosowski

Vice-President Zachary Romano

Secretary/Treasurer Carlene Dingwall

Director Marlene McDougal




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