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Defining Who We Are  


We are Métis, with roots and rights that extend 9,000 years into this continent.We are neither First Nations nor Inuit, nor are we European immigrants to this land, instead we are the middle-ground between camps; the compromise between differences and; the dawn that separates night and day.We are not half-breeds, but the children born of a marriage between two very different worlds. Our right and our purpose is to strengthen the voice of justice and bend the arm of greed, whose hand has taken far too much from the mouths of the meek.The very duality of our heritage appoint us, and no other, to the task of mediating between the new and ancient ways, that we might be the People to strike a chord of lasting harmony amidst the mounting chaos of nations.The essence of our uniquely diverse culture is Harmony, or in the moment of our conception there was union. The birth of the Métis Nation signifies the undeniable powers of those possessed of tolerance and the gentle spirit of compromise. The birthright of our people is to mediate on behalf of justice and common good for both our parent strains, and bring forth a means of governance that protects and prospers all who would be unjustly treated.To be Métis is to be blessed with the best fruit of not one, but two family trees. We are not "half" of anything but doubled.Being twice blessed, we are likewise proud, strong and determined.                                                                                                                             By: Terry St. Amant  




Our Mandate, Mission Statement, Vision and Values 


Our Mandate

Métis Community Services Society of BC has a mandate from the Métis citizens to provide integrated, holistic, family centered, wraparound services to all those who need assistance, with special emphasis on Aboriginal populations, specifically Métis populations. 


Mission Statement 

To provide programs and services to Métis People in the Central Okanagan  Our Vision  To be the quality provider of all programs and services to Métis People in the Okanagan 


Our Values 

  • We believe in honoring our Métis culture and in fostering pride in our history. 
  • We believe in focusing in on family strengths knowing that there are many resources and much knowledge within our Métis families. 
  • We believe in working professionally, confidentially, and respectfully with our clients, practicing ethically at all times. 
  • We believe in creating a safe and nurturing environment in which people will be open to change and growth. 
  • We believe when you heal a child you heal a family, when you heal a family you heal a community and when you heal a community you heal a Nation.


Strategic Plan 


The Board of Directors and Staff of The MCSBC developed this strategic plan with assistance from MCSBC Management, the Kelowna Métis Association, and the Métis Community at large. It provides The MCSBC with a five-year roadmap for supports, services and organization development. The Board of Directors and staff will review progress annually and will review and update the plan annually as required. 


This plan was developed with broad involvement and guidance from the Board of Directors and staff. The Strategic Planning Process included five board members, ten staff and the Regional Executive Director on behalf of the management team. It is noted that the Regional Executive Director also acted as a facilitator during the retreat process, and completed the document. This Process, including much historical information of the organization met twice in a retreat setting, to reflect on the mission, vision, core operating values and assumptions underlying the organization’s approach to its work. These retreats set the stage, with the first becoming a work session of the board of directors during which, the organization’s strategic direction was defined. The staff met with the strategic direction of the Board in a second retreat and helped coordinate the planning process and provided important support and analysis to complete this plan.


MCSBC Management conducted an environmental scan including an internal organization assessment and interviews with key Métis community leaders and a review of demographic and non profit organizational data. The environmental scan and organizational assessment helped The MCSBC assess both the challenges and opportunities it is likely to face over the next five years and set the context for the choices reflected in this strategic plan. The combined information became the cornerstone of the  


Strategic Direction of the Plan, providing four distinct areas of focus regarding the goals of MCSBC. One specific goal is provided in each of these key areas, which will be utilized for year one of the Strategic Plan. Further goals will be built annually, during the annual revisit of the MCSBC Strategic Plan, during specific meetings set on behalf of the Board of Directors and staff of MCSBC, which are specific to the four key goal areas. Objectives required to meet the goals set annually, will be completed by MCSBC staff annually, once the new goals are set by the Board of Directors. All amendments to the MCSBC Strategic Plan will be adopted annually, during the MCSBC Annual General Assembly by the Board of Directors. 


The historical information of MCSBC was compiled from data collection that includes final reporting to funding agencies, old proposals and by interviews with key staff who have been with MCSBC since or near its beginning.  


Combined, the process in completing MCSBC’s first strategic planning process, was an inclusive model; one that includes the leadership via the Board of Directors and Regional Executive Director, the front line workers, both veterans and new staff, and the community at large via the Kelowna Métis Association and Métis community utilizing the programs and services of MCSBC.




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