Aboriginal Supported Childhood Development and the SASH program


The Aboriginal Supported Childhood Development Program offers culturally appropriate services to children who may benefit from additional support. Services are provided in child care centres, home and in the community.

Cultural and spiritual connections are what make this program unique to Aboriginal communities. Aboriginal Supported Childhood Development provides services for children who require extra support in the following domains:









 Activities in the Supported Childhood Development Program include: 


  • Inclusive groups for children and youth


  • Individual support for children in child care centres, after school programming, at home or in the community


  • Advocacy and support in accessing services










The SASH program provides an atmosphere for children and parents to connect through games, learning, songs, snacks, and fun. Children, six and under, and their caregivers are invited to join us in our ten week program that is focused on attachment and bonding through group activities.

With a focus on Aboriginal cultures, this group will give new and exciting ideas on parenting and interacting with children, with an emphasis on culturally rich activities, learning and games.


            “Starting at birth, each child learns a special way to belong”



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