Family Preservation Program


The family preservation program promotes the safety and well-being of Métis children and families as well as preservation of family unity where children's safety can be supported. The program works to maintain permanency for children by empowering families to achieve or sustain independence and self-sufficiency.


One of the many goals of the program is to prevent out-of-home placement of Métis children. These support services can be provided or coordinated with other service agencies to assist families in achieving or maintaining family safety, stability, independence and unity.


Referral / Intake Procedure:

Referrals are accepted from the Ministry of Children and Family Development, community partners and individuals (self-referral).




  • To provide support to families who are impacted by substance misuse and/or inter-generational trauma


  • To advocate on behalf of clients to ensure the fair and equitable treatment by local Ministries and Family Court


  • To ensure families are connected to other relevant community resources that promote family health and ensure the safety of children


  • Support is provided individually or in groups through workshops, presentations and parent training with the goal of facilitating independence through empowerment




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